Sandra S.
Buckeye, AZ

If you're driving through or near Yuma, do take time to see the original Yuma prison. The film provides a nice historic perspective, some of the cells 'talk' about events of the time, and the museum provides facts about some of the men and women incarcerated there. The guard tower offers a beautiful 360 degree territorial view and is worth the steps. It's unfortunate more of historic Yuma wasn't preserved as well.


Martha C.
New Jersey

My husband and I planned a trip to Yuma to see the Prison on recommendations from a friend. It was really interesting and my husband has some trouble walking but all surfaces are level and paved and museum is air conditioned. everyone very friendly we took a picnic there are several tables not too many in the shade though.


Tony G.
West Virginia

Neat place to visit. Educational. Next to the Colorado River and Gateway Park. Nice visit. It has an easy on-off from the highway exit. Probably the best known attraction in Yuma.


Robert H.
Yuma, AZ

A short, very informative film tells you about the building of this historic prison, details on many of the inmates and how the prison developed - and declined -over the years. You then have a better understanding while you walk past the well-detailed items on display and then take a self-guided tour around the cells and dark room. The prison has been restored to a really high standard. The staff are charming and informative. A real gem in Yuma and worth a visit.


John G.
Denver, CO

The museum at the Yuma Territorial Prison is incredible! It gives a wonderful insight into the history of the Old West days.