Things to Do


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    View Deck

    This site provides an excellent view of the Colorado River and the granite outcroppings which form the Yuma Crossing. There are also great views of the Quechan Indian Nation, St. Thomas Mission, the Union Pacific railroad bridge and the Ocean-to- Ocean Highway bridge, opened in 1915.

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    Guard Tower

    With a commanding view of the area and situated atop the Prison's original water supply, this tower is a reconstruction of one of the many that overlooked the prison and guarded against escapes. To the east, enjoy a great view of the Yuma East Wetlands environmental restoration project.

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    Sally Port

    One of the last remaining original adobe structures of the 1876 Yuma Territorial Prison, this gateway served as the checkpoint through which prisoners entered and left the prison. This structure has been authentically restored.

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    New digital exhibit on Mormon prisoners!
    Situated on the original site of the Prison mess hall, this New Deal-era building was built with 60,000 adobe bricks made by "Yumans" during the Great Depression. It operated as a city museum from March 1941 until Arizona State Parks assumed management of the park. In 2010, the museum's exhibits were completely upgraded.

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    Cell Block

    Another original section of the Prison, this area provides a vivid sense of what it was like to be incarcerated at the Prison, six prisoners to a cell! Included in this area is the infamous "Dark Cell" for incorrigible prisoners. Limited by its location on Prison Hill and unable to expand, the Prison closed its doors in 1909.